FLEXISANDER's first tool concept and idea was developed by INNOVIA founder Petr Froňek to facilitate filling of steel hulls. The basic idea of ​​the tools is a partially flexible plate, which is by set of rocker arms along the whole length, evenly pressed to the fillled or sanded surface. The primary inspiration was the principle of a car wiper. The flexible tool plate then creates an ideal plane or curve when filling or sanding. This basic principle was then successfully used in the design of the entire range of handheld and machine-driven tools, such as control boards, filling boards, manual sanding boards and grinders. This tool set is then a comprehensive technology for flat, concave or convex curved surfaces. A significant reduction in overall costs is achieved by using our patented technology and procedures. At the same time you can easily achieve the highest quality surfaces. Currently, tools are developed and manufactured under the brand name Flexisander, INNOVIA s.r.o. Czech Republic.

Checking the surface

The basis is the continuous control of any surfaces by simply attaching the control plate and using a light source. Our control boards will help to detect even the slightest bumps and defects that are difficult to detect by the human eye or touch and help to eliminate subsequent repairs after final painting. There is currently no other control board of similar design on the market.


Quality filling of joints, unevenesses and surfaces in general is a demanding and costly activity. Easy and simple use of our flexible filling boards will allow you to: create ideal curve, already during the filling phase, apply the optimum amount of filler, significantly shorten the time of subsequent sanding, filling of flat and curved surfaces


Every professional and hobby user knows that high-quality sanding requires a lot of experience and skill. Our manual, electric and pneumatic sanding boards allow you to sand any complicated surfaces evenly. Benefits of using: developed to sand curved surfaces, creates ideal curves and surfaces, eliminates the human factor when sanding, significantly speeds up the final surface preparation.

Suitable for use on

color and rust removal, edge sanding, sanding thin layers, rough sanding, ground color sanding

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