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The first concept of FLEXISANDER/FLEXICAT tools was developed by Petr Froněk, INNOVIA company founder, during the construction of steel yachts.  The basic idea was to develop a tool that would greatly simplify and facilitate the process of very difficult filling and sanding of hulls.

Based on these requirements, a special flexible board has been designed, which is evenly pressed against the filled or sanded surface by means of a plurality of levers. By doing so, it simply creates the desired ideal convex or concave curved surface.

Already during primary testing, significant time savings have been achieved, with the perfect surface quality. Additionally, the tools fundamentally eliminate the so-called human factor.


The first inspiration was for all the well-known and generationally proven car wiper principle. This simple and worldwide everyday principle has been successfully used in the design of the entire FLEXISANDER range of flexible hand-held and machine-driven tools such as control bars, filing plates, hand sanding plates and sanders.

Hand sanding plate and sander

Utilizing FLEXISANDER technology and procedures when adjusting rounded surfaces brings many significant benefits to users. It is essential to reduce total labor and material costs. Simple and easy to use, FLEXISANDER also enables the highest surface quality on all rounded surfaces.


At present, the tools under the FLEXISANDER brand are developed and manufactured by INNOVIA s.r.o., Czech Republic.

MEDS Amsterdam 2013

Testing of the first functional FLEXISANDER prototype you can see here:


FLEXISANDER tools for filling and sanding are already successfully used in the shipbuilding industry, the manufacturing and repair of transport technology, the aerospace industry and the car repair industry. The technology is versatile for use in the processing of composite materials, the production of models and molds, in the building industry, in woodworking, etc.

At present, these companies belong among the customers: Škoda Auto (CZ), Boeing (USA), Airbus (EU), Bavaria yachts (DE) and Delphia yachts (PL) and hundreds of other from all industry fields, including hobby users.

VW Beatle sanding


The technology and prototypes of hand tools were first introduced under the FLEXICAT brand at the BOOT 2007 fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, where they received very positive feedback from the professional and lay public.

Since 2010, intensive development of machine-driven sanding machines for curved surfaces has been carried out, which was successfully completed in 2014. INNOVIA s.r.o. ,as the owner of this technology.

First introduced the FLEXISANDER electric sander to the professional public in November 2013 at the renowned international trade fair METS Amsterdam, where the FLEXISANDER was nominated in its category for the main prize. The technical solution of this sander is protected by an international patent application.

METS Amstedam 2013
Red dot design award for flexisander products
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Idea of the Year - award from Vodafone
Czech Innovation - award for creative idea