Terms and conditions of use

General Terms and Conditions of the Purchase of Goods

  1. Purchase Order and Price of Goods
    Prices of the goods on www.flexisander.com are binding prior to any change thereof. INNOVIA s.r.o. reserves the right to change the prices even without any prior notification given in writing or otherwise. Ordering is as a rule performed by entering items into the shopping cart and by sending the order; upon prior agreement, ordering can also be performed by telephone, by e-mail, in writing or in person. Any order confirmed to a customer by INNOVIA s.r.o. shall be considered binding. Any order always has to include all the necessary data of the purchaser (first name and surname or business name, accurate address for invoicing, address for delivering the goods, telephone number, Company ID Number /“IČ” in Czech/ and VAT ID Number /“DIČ” in Czech/ for companies) and country of operation.
  2. Order Cancellation
    The purchaser is entitled to cancel any order without stating the reason at any time prior to the binding confirmation thereof; following the binding confirmation, the purchaser is entitled to do so only in case the seller fails to meet the agreed terms of delivery. The seller is entitled to cancel any order without stating the reason in particular if the goods are no longer manufactured or if the supplier’s price of the goods has changed significantly. In case of a cancellation by the seller, the seller shall immediately contact the purchaser and propose a solution.
  3. Goods Delivery Date
    In case of the goods in stock, standard shipment shall be carried out within 10 working days after the payment received.
    In case of the goods that have not been manufactured yet or are being manufactured, the purchaser shall be informed of the estimated date of delivery individually.
  4. Goods Transportation
    The goods shall be sent via standard carriers (UPS, Česká pošta etc.).
    The delivery charge includes a package fee (not a duties and taxes bill).
    The customer is entitled to request a specific carrier.
    Each purchaser shall be informed of the identification number of the shipment (Track&Trace service), which will allow them to check the location of the shipment prepaid.
  5. Payment for Goods
    The goods can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal, debit or credit cards to the seller’s account, such a payment must be made prior to the shipment of the goods. The goods ordered will be sent to the purchaser following the account being credited with the full amount (the variable symbol shall be the Order No. – Invoice No.).
    The purchaser is entitled to select the currency of payment (EUR, USD, GBP or CZK).
    The payment in cash is not possible.
  6. Acceptance of Goods
    The goods shall be sent via UPS or another carrier (cf. Article 4) to the delivery address specified by the purchaser.
  7. Warranty
    The manufacturer and/or the seller shall be fully responsible for any hidden manufacturing defects or defects in material pursuant to the Civil Code or the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic. The warranty period shall be 24 months from the date of the purchase of the goods.
    The warranty shall not apply to any defects caused by any unauthorised interference, by using the goods for any other than specified purposes, by unsuitable storage, by unqualified assembly and handling, by mechanical damage or by excess loading. The particular properties of the goods fully depend on the specifications stated directly by the manufacturer. For the purposes of a usual claim, providing the purchaser with an item purchase document including the business name of the seller, Company ID Number (VAT or “IČ” in Czech), registered seat and information on the goods purchased shall be sufficient.
  8. Warranty Claim Procedure
    Any warranty claims shall be governed by the Civil Code or the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic.
    In case of any defect in goods which becomes evident during the warranty period, the purchaser shall be entitled to a repair or to an exchange free of charge.
    To make a proper claim, it is necessary to contact us first and to agree the claim procedure with us; contact in person, by telephone, by e-mail or in writing is possible.
    If the goods under claim are sent by post, sending by post has to follow the first contact in a way stated in the previous sentence.
    No goods under claim shall be accepted for any warranty claim without a prior arrangement. Unless a prior arrangement has been made, the seller is entitled to refuse to accept the shipment.
    The warranty period shall be suspended from the day of filing the claim until the moment when the purchaser is obliged to accept the item.
    The purchaser is also entitled to demand a certain discount from the purchase price; this discount can be granted if the item has a defect which does not prevent it from serving its purpose.
    In case of applying any discount, the purchaser acknowledges that the defects for which the discount was granted cannot be claimed again in the future.
  9. Withdrawal from the Agreement
    The customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement within 14 days after the day of the acceptance of the goods; this right is subject to purchase both via the Internet and as an individual (not as an entrepreneur).
    Upon withdrawal from the purchase agreement, the full amount of the price of the goods shall be refunded; the costs of the return of any goods shall be paid by the purchaser.
    If you wish to withdraw from the purchase agreement, please contact us in writing or by e-mail, stating the Invoice No. of the goods delivered and the date of the purchase of the goods.
    If you have already received and accepted the goods, please send it back to our address (the address of our premises) under the following conditions:
    - the goods must be in an original and undamaged package
    - the goods must be absolutely unused
    - the goods must not be damaged in any way
    - the shipment must be complete; it must be sent back in the same state as at the moment of acceptance, including any accessories etc. and with the original purchase document.
    Please send the goods by registered post and in an insured way; failing that, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage on the way to our premises.
    If all the conditions relating to the return of the goods are met, we will transfer the money to your bank account.
    If all the conditions relating to the return of the goods are not met, we will not accept the withdrawal from the purchase agreement and we will send the goods back to you at your own cost.
  10. Non-Compliance with the Purchase Agreement
    If an item is not in compliance with the purchase agreement at the moment of the acceptance by the purchaser (hereinafter the “Non-Compliance with the Purchase Agreement” only), the purchaser is entitled to have the item restored to a condition compliant with the purchase agreement by the seller free of charge and without any undue delay, either by exchanging the item or by repairing the same, as per the purchaser’s choice; should such a procedure be impossible, the purchaser is entitled to demand a reasonable discount from the price of the item or to withdraw from the agreement. This shall not apply if the purchaser had been aware of the Non-Compliance with the Purchase Agreement prior to the acceptance of the item or if they caused the Non-Compliance with the Purchase Agreement themselves. The compliance with the purchase agreement shall mean, in particular, that the item sold has the quality and usage properties required by the agreement, described by the seller, the manufacturer or its representative, or expected on the basis of advertising carried out by them, or the quality and usage properties common in items of that kind, that it is in compliance with the provisions of the laws and regulations, it is in an appropriate amount, dimension(s) or weight and it corresponds to the purpose stated for the usage of the item by the seller or that which is common for the item.
  11. Effect of the Terms and Conditions
    These Terms and Conditions shall be effective until new Terms and Conditions are issued.
  12. International Bank Details
    Bank: Raiffeisen
    Account number: 5439948001/5500
  13. Company Details and Registered Seat
    INNOVIA s.r.o.
    Křižíkova 2987/70b
    612 00 Brno
    Czech Republic
    Company ID No. (“IČ” in Czech): 246 98 636
    VAT ID No. (“DIČ” in Czech): CZ 246 98 636
  14. Contact Details
    INNOVIA s.r.o. (postal address)
    Císařská Louka 599
    15000 Praha 5
    Czech Republic
    e-mail: flexisander@flexisander.com (we usually respond within 1-3 working days)