Flexible sanding board | FSB 112113 | 1120 mm (44 in) (Flexisander)

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The world's best tools for sanding curved surfaces

The flexible sanding board FSB 112113 is a unique, patented tool for hand sanding flat and curved surfaces. With this tool, you can quickly and easily sand and create ideal curves and surfaces.

Due to its size and hard flexibility, this type of sanding board is particularly suitable for sanding larger surfaces or surfaces with a larger radius of curvature. The sanding board is particularly suitable for car repairs, shipbuilding, furniture and model and composite production.

The sanding board is designed for sanding concave and convex surfaces. Sanding paper is fastened with Velcro system. Recomanded sander papers are here. The sanding board is torsionally flexible.

Demonstration of Flexible sanders

Sanding CURVED surfaces is demanding

The main reason is because unlike a wall, ship or car bodies are not flat. They are curved. Unfortunately, ordinary tools are not. With a rigid spatula or a rigid sander, you can notice that it is connected only partly with the surface. More curved the surface is, smaller contact between spatula or sander and your material is. This means uneven layers of filler and badly sanded surface. If you do it ruthlessly, your material suffers. If you want to do it precisely, you sooner or later understand, that you do not have enough time to make it perfect.

See a test that shows our principles:


Sanding curved surfaces without the right tools is hard! The operator needs to be a very skilled person because every bad move can cause an unevenness or damage.

It is also very time-consuming activity which is in other words very expensive for companies. No wonder companies like Boeing, Delphia yachts or Škoda Auto use our products.

What the right tools do for you?

  • Save a lot of time
  • Save costs of a material
  • Versatile usage
  • Eliminates the human factor
  • Perfect result every time

When surface quality is on the first place

The first concept of FLEXISANDER/FLEXICAT tools was developed by Petr Froněk, INNOVIA company founder, during the construction of steel yachts.  The basic idea was to develop a tool that would greatly simplify and facilitate the process of very difficult filling and sanding of hulls.

Based on these requirements, a special flexible board has been designed, which is evenly pressed against the filled or sanded surface by means of a plurality of levers. By doing so, it simply creates the desired ideal convex or concave curved surface.

Already during primary testing, significant time savings have been achieved, with the perfect surface quality. Additionally, the tools fundamentally eliminate the so-called human factor.

The first inspiration was for all the well-known and generationally proven car wiper principle. This simple and worldwide everyday principle has been successfully used in the design of the entire FLEXISANDER range of flexible hand-held and machine-driven tools such as control bars, filing plates, hand sanding plates and sanders.

If you would like to know more about us and about technology of your future tools: 



It has a great usage while renovating cars, but you can also make use of it while sanding boat, furniture, airplanes... basically any flat or curved surface. Even walls:

The best of the best

We created a set of the world's best tools to fill, sand and check curved surfaces. This tool is also one of our most advanced and most selling manual sanders - with a dust exhaust system:


You can check all manual sanders right here: Flexible hand sanders

Who already use our tools?

At present, these companies belong among the customers: Boeing (USA), Airbus (EU), Škoda Auto (CZ), Bavaria yachts (DE)Delphia yachts (PL) and hundreds of others from all industry fields plus hobby users. We even got awards for our tools, like Red Dot Design Award, Vodafone The Idea Of The Year, Czech Innovation award and nomination for the best sander technical solution at the renowned international trade fair METS Amsterdam.



You're not risking anything. Use it for a month and if you will find out, that this is not for you, we will refund you.
It is all made of quality steel and professionally made components. It will last you for ages!


Buy the world's best tool for sanding curved surface.


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LENGHT: 1120 mm (44 in)
WIDTH: 115 mm (4 1/2 in)
WEIGHT: 2.6 Kg (5.7 lb)